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Melbourne’s Best Ramen:

Fairfax’s (RIP, epicure) have shortlisted a bunch of cheap and delicious ramen-ya around Melbourne CBD and hello new hitlist on the food front.

Melbourne! You big ol’ flirt, you! *blushes*

Nama Nama: New Japanese Eats in Melbourne

I am pretty sure I need to eat here, and soon. To quote Broadsheet:

"There’s handmade udon noodle soup, nori rolls made to order, Nama Katsu buns (a crumbed prawn, pork or broccoli and potato pattie with tonkatsu sauces and a steamed egg) and choose-your-own bento boxes."



31 Spring Street
Melbourne 3000

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Images and info via Broadsheet.

"Do they have veggo options?"

Ugh, if you’re an omnivore with vegetarian friends then sometimes you know going out to eat can be a real kick in the teeth. Luckily, those kind folk over at Broadsheet have compiled a list of the Best Veggie Burgers Around Melbourne. And yes, there’s facon. Sweet, delicious, weird-if-you-think-too-hard-about-it facon.

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